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July 03, 2008


Adam G.

Thanks for the comments on the NACC. I was wondering if anyone was going to talk about it. My impression of the NACC the one time I attended in 2000 was that there was a lot of talk about "successful" churches so far as numbers, but not a lot of practical teaching on how to do it, and a serious lack of profound Bible studies. Then again, my memories are probably unreliable. I'm hoping to give it another try in a year or two.


Thanks for your friendship and encouragement. You use that gift of yours very well. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Brian Zehr and I were just chatting about you this week and the work you are doing for the Kingdom. Blessings.

Jim Tomberlin

I also applaud the good work God is doing through you at Restore.
I remember with fondness those early days in Naperville trying to figure out with the CCC team how to become a reproducing church. It is awesome to see how the journey is unfolding.
Keep blazing the trail,

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