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March 02, 2008



Thanks for all your encouraging words. It was so much fun last Sunday...I think we will do it again...maybe every Sunday. Blessings.

Rod MacDonald

Troy & Janet - I am so happy that the Restore launch went so well in KC! Out here in Chicagloand we've been praying for and missing you both lots. Keep up the good work as you HPFTWBTG!

Peace & Blessings, Rod


Cograts to you and the whole team! We are so excited things are going so well (but not surprised). You are doing a great thing. Keep it up.


God+Troy+Janet+team=UNSTOPPABLE! Whoo hoo!

Scott Cottingham

Awesome. God always delivers! Personal thanks to you and Janet for living the life most of us only dream about.

Lance Coffman

Sounds like a great day! Congratulations and it's great to have you guys in KC. It's fun to watch God do His thing through faithful people.

Alex Diaz

Awesome! God is doing great things through you guys in KC and is being glorified by your hard work. We wish many blessings to you, your great team and your new church.

David Crosby

Congrats Troy! What an awesome day. I'm so happy for you and the Restore team. You're off and running. Praying for you. BTW - we are getting ready to plant PRIOR to moving in to our new building. Thought you might like to hear that. Later, Dave Crosby


Troy - that's so awesome. Congratulations!!

Chad Smith

Incredible! Seeing those pics made my heart jump.


Wow! What a great start! God is Great!

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