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January 06, 2008



Thank you for this wonderful review of Darrin Patrick he is looking smart and tall too, where you have lunch with him and what are the questions asked? Will you please brief in this with some important answers if so I'm happy to receive replay.


yep it was the over 6 ft, over 200 lb assessment. barely passed on one....passed very well on the other


hmmm, you look like you're pretty tall as well. was that a part of your assessment? height measurement...

Troy know that darrin is a big guy. well kevin cawley is an even bigger guy...big hands and all. i think darrin's trying to keep him in submission.

Chad Smith

darrin is awesome. about 4 years ago i attended some planters workshops/luncheons that he put on at his church, free of charge. they are still being held as a part of his church's mission to be leaders in church planting. it looks like he has a vulcan death grip on that guy in the photo though.

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