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January 23, 2008



Crazy! I remember when I used to babysit that kid! Now he is not much of a kid anymore!

Happy Birthday Jake!


Hey, Jake has changed a lot in those photos, but you look the same, Troy! Way to go! Happy Birthday Jake! :)



Thanks for your words of encouragement.


He is a fine, fine looking young man!!!


the pictures are priceless, and so is the legacy. i always will admire how you lead Troy (your family and the church). love you man, miss you a lot, and hope to see you soon at Restore.

Peggy Bergfalk

Happy Birthday to a great guy and Aunt Judy is right, a great guy with great hair!!! And so handsome we might add. Love you bunches
G&B Bergie


Happy birthday Jacob. You gotta love a kid with such great hair!!!!!

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