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December 18, 2007


Jason Curlee

wow...I was just teaching the people at our launch team gathering about Acts 1:8 with those exact same thoughts....only difference was I used evangelistic vs. missional

I would also love to find out about your you mind me emailing you as well???


We are glad to hear it is going so well, Troy, but did not really think it would be otherwise with "the Cool guy" walking point. I know you will be writing great things about Pat O'Connell in the comming months, he is a great guy with a great mind and a great addition to your team. From myself and my family to you and yours, we are praying for you, and inspired from afar by your leadership and drive.



Email at and I will send you the matrix and details.


brad andrews

enjoying your posts. curious about your matrix? as a future church planter...

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