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July 13, 2007


Eric's MOM

Troy, thanks for "weighing in" on Eric's blog. Actually, we never saw this "blonde Eric." He had it done right after Elic's wedding, and when we saw him next, he was back to normal--hair color, anyway. We wish you God's blessings in your new venture. I know Eric and Elic will miss you, greatly.


Ya know - how about a NSFW warning or something, Troy?!?!?!



He would no longer be able to be the Christian in the videos, I am pretty sure a Christian would never dye their hair like that.... Wait a minute, now I get it, Eric used to secretly be a Christ follower!!! I'm shocked.


Friends don't let friends go that.

Eric Bramlett

To quote Shakespeare:
"I am amazed and know not what to say..."

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